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Sgt. Tucker Retires

ALPENA — Today, Sgt. Rich Tucker of the Michigan State Police-Alpena Post is in Lansing, handing in his badge.

News Photo by Julie Riddle Sgt. Rich Tucker works at his computer at the Michigan State Police-Alpena Post on Tuesday.

After 29 years with the Michigan State Police, Tucker ends his career on Friday with a small celebration at the post, marking three decades of watching over his community. Tucker remembers, as a boy, gazing in awe when troopers in their blue uniforms visited his Hubbard Lake community. "Police can’t referee civil disputes or solve custody battles, he has to tell them, often sending them away thinking he doesn’t want to help them. Whether patrolling roads, responding to complaints, or listening to angry residents, police work requires enormous self-restraint that gets used up on the job." “When you get home, your patience is on ‘E,'” and families sometimes bear the brunt of officers’ tough days, Tucker said, calling his wife, Lori, a saint for enduring life as a police spouse for two-plus decades. “If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely jump in,” Tucker said. “With both feet.” Wonderful Human! Thanks Sgt.

Tucker for his years of service to this community. He has been kind and has Helped many! May he be blessed!

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