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App Design

AlpenaSocial App

We have an app in the making.  Just taking some time and resources.  If anyone from Alpena Understands Java Script and App API's we could use as much advice in that direction as possible.  Learning all this has Been an Adventure.  

      For now we are using the Spaces App.  That can be found here.

it;s a wonderful. app developed and Secured by Wix

    We have paid for this entire Sites Hosting and Development out of our own pockets for the last 2 years, 

    We are happy to Say it will be released to the public soon!

   We would like to get a Native Branded app for Alpena to use.

  But that costs allot of money. 

     We will continue to develop this for the community at my expense.  If you'd like to see this added or would like to donate to  the cause of having this community for life.

   click the link below.

alpena social icon.png


alpena social icon.png
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